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Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) – Why People Love it and FAQs

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I'm  Jay Wilson

When it comes to great tasting food there's nothing more that I enjoy than the process. My friends and I have made a living out of BBQ. While it's not always fun and games, it is most of the time. We enjoy spending our weekends testing methods and products knowing that we will provide you with the most up-to-date methods and data to level up your own pursuit of BBQ mastery.

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Full time teacher, part time student of BBQ. While most of my time is spent in a public school teaching high school students, my pastime of BBQ takes up my free time. Conducting Test Kitchens is how I discover the latest in products related to yielding the best tasting foods. From smokers, grilling accessories like thermometers and tools, I power the development of reviews produced for

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