My name is Jay Wilson, I’m a little bit country boy, a little bit rock and roll, but when it comes down to it—I’m just your average everyday meat lovin’ guy outta North Carolina.

My friends often make fun of me because I seem to be at the helm of the grill every damn day; rain or shine, indoor or outdoor, I’m on that badboy cooking anything and everything.

They’ve taken to calling me ‘Grill Wilson’ and I guess the name stuck

On this site I review absolutely everything grill related, and you couldn’t be getting it from a better source.

See, I believe all men (and women) have a thriving passion.

Some live to create art, great films, great music, great paintings.

Some live to help their fellow man, as doctors, or vets, or volunteers.

Some live to achieve fame and fortune, as great athletes, or actors, or entrepreneurs.

Me? Well…I live to grill.

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